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Anyone interested in starting some discussions about the dcu reboot?

What titles did you read? Are you trying out any new titles?

I made two posts on my journal with short comments about the titles I read.
DC Comics
the rest of the new dcu comics

I rarely do any serious reading outside of the Batfamily titles so the ones I read were heavily weighed toward the bat titles. I thought the best two of the ones I read were Nightwing and Batman. The one new title that I didn't read before that I think I'll continue with is Blue Beetle.
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Anyone else out there following Brightest Day? I was wondering if there's been any news about a third checklist being released already. So far, I haven't been able to turn anything up online.

eurgh I hope this is allowed
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Mods, if this is not allowed, please delete!

The DC Universe - Subtext Becoming Canon (in Spandex), with Authors Merfilly and Rysler

Several months ago we spoke to three very talented authors whose work writing Barbara/Helena femslash had elevated the television series "Birds of Prey" - which was, to be honest, not a very well-written show - to a level beyond what it had ever achieved on the WB. This week we will be getting to the root source of the TV program, and beyond, as we look at lesbian pairings in the DC Universe as a whole. Populated with some of the most beautiful and accomplished heroines in comics, as well as equally stunning and dangerous villainesses, the DCU is fertile ground for femslash. The original Birds of Prey alone - Oracle, Huntress, and Black Canary - gets you three popular pairings on its own. And look past that - you'll find canon lesbian/bi characters like Batwoman, The Question, Scandal Savage, Knockout, Thunder, and Grace. Not to mention the slashy subtext of couples like Batgirl/Spoiler, Harley/Ivy, and Raven/Starfire. And did I mention Themiscyra, home to Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, a ton of Amazons, and not one single guy? Recognizing that there's simply too many possibilities to restrict this show's focus to one pairing, I've invited two prolific authors who have plenty of experience with many of the names I've already mentioned, and some I haven't. Over the years Merfilly has written too many femslash and het stories and drabbles to count, while Rysler has slashed all of the Birds of Prey (even Lady Blackhawk) with each other, found plenty of time to fit Lady Shiva into the group, and even provided a home for the Birds of Prey Fan Fiction E-Books site.

Joining me as co-host will be first-time guest JeanGreyX, longtime F4Flistener, DCU reader, and Barbara/Helena fan.
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but five lettered pages are up as a preview at Newsarama. There isn't much story to go on yet, but the art is looking rather nice. I'm not sure how I feel about hoodie!Clark.
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According to THIS article, there will be a "Green Lantern" movie, with the opening for December 2010. It'll be about Hal Jordan... and so far its down to three people to get his role - Bradley Cooper (Hangover, He's Just Not That Into You), Ryan Reynolds (Wolverine, The Proposal), and Justin Timberlake (Alpha Dogs, N*Sync).

Now I have a poll for you to answer, because I would love to hear your thoughts. I don't really know Hal Jordan - I haven't read any comics with him - the only incarnation of GL I've seen was in the Justice League cartoon, Static Shock cartoon, & the Superman: the Animated Series cartoon (which I don't actually remember his character). And if you know about him either, that's perfectly fine - I want you to decide who would play a superhero better (or whose acting is better).

Poll #701 Green Lantern
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Who'd you prefer?

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Bradley Cooper
2 (50.0%)

Ryan Reynolds
2 (50.0%)

Justin Timberlake
0 (0.0%)

None of them (please comment with who YOU want)
0 (0.0%)

EDIT!!! Apparently Justin didn't make the cut, according to THIS article, but Jared Leto (Alexander, Lord of War) did... What are your thoughts on that????! Personally I have no idea who Leto is, so I'm a bit wary.


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