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Batfamily Fanart: Perfect Landing )

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Hi, I made an illustration for [personal profile] ruilin's dragon!AU of the batfamily here at my journal. Enjoy! And for those of you who haven't read the fic, go do it now! Includes dragon!Dick, dragon!Jason, dragon!Tim, dragon!Damian, Dragon!Babs, dragon!Steph, dragon!Bruce and dragon!Alfred!
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Title: Bat!family (boys) buttons and cellcharms
Continuity: Er, unsure. There's a Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond as a bonus but mostly pre-reboot comics verse.
Rating: Completely safe for work!
Characters: Bruce, Alfred, Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, and Terry!
Summary: I did a set of Bat family (boys side) cellcharms and buttons that I'm selling online. I'm also selling cellcharms and buttons of Avengers (+ a lot of Loki) and BBC Sherlock if you're interested!

( Fake cut to my artblog for larger images, full views of the art, and more details. )
( Or, click here to go directly to my store for images and information. )

I have an artblog ([community profile] kaiba) where I post fanart for batman and avengers and various anime and games if you happen to like my artwork and would like to see more! Thanks for looking!


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